Luxury Scented Reed Diffusers by Only & Eve

The Complete Diffuser Collection

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The Only & Eve Complete Diffuser Collection contains all 6 of our signature fragrance diffusers.

Each diffuser comes with 8 natural rattan reeds in a sealed plastic container, allowing you to vary the release of scent based on how many reeds you use at any given time.

From the caribbean delights of East Cay Escape to the warmth and glow of Atreano & Amber, you can choose to set the atmosphere in your home to suit your mood.

All the diffusers are individually boxed in our fabulous gold foil embossed packaging.

You'll receive one of each of the following luxury diffusers:

  • Atreano & Amber
  • Acadian Forest
  • Verzenay
  • Easy Cay Escape
  • Verbena Spa
  • Naples Grove

Gifted to a loved one, relative or friend, this collection represents the pinnacle of the Only & Eve range.  

As an addition to your home, the 6 signature fragrances in diffuser form give you a carousel of scents fit for any occasion.

Complete your home with The Complete Diffuser Collection.

Each luxury scented reed diffuser is delivered in our gold embossed highlight box in matt white and comes with a sealed tube of 8 natural rattan reeds.

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Collection contents: 
6 x Only & Eve luxury scented reed diffusers

Fill quantity:

  Approximately 12 weeks



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