Verbena Spa 200g Luxury Scented Candle

Verbena Spa 200g Luxury Candle

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Fragrance highlights:

Verbena, lemongrass and subtle touches of rose, jasmine and melon

Pampering and relaxation that leaves you feeling energised.

A visit to any top-class Spa should deliver a sense of tranquility and ease that helps the mind recover from a busy world.  

Our Verbena Spa luxury candle is the epitome of spa treatment in candle form.

Lemongrass fragrance, as fresh as if you'd cut and crushed it in your hand, massages the air as the softer aroma of verbena quells your thoughts and lifts your spirits.

The scent of this candle pervades a room to leave it with a fresh and stimulating atmosphere.  

Exquisitely understated notes of jasmine and melon fuse almost unnoticed to lend a superior edge to this beautifully balanced fragrance.

Light the Verbena Spa candle from Only & Eve, unwind and replenish.


Delivered in our gold embossed highlight box in matt white.

Type: Luxury Scented Candle

Delivery: Free

Fill Weight: 200g

Burn Time: Approximately 40 Hours


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