Atreano & Amber 200g Luxury Scented Candle

Atreano & Amber 200g Luxury Candle

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Fragrance highlights:

Mediterranean green fig, amber, walnut, almond

The sunlight of the Mediterranean warms the gloriously textured skin of green figs and sets the base for this rich and warming fragrance.

Sat looking out to sea, the final glow of the setting sun raking across the landscape, a breeze brings the scent of amber to the fore.  

Walnut and almond complete a picture that is balmy and soothing but contains a sweetness to make a memorable day.

Our Atreano & Amber candle conjures up a fragrance that is both different and comforting.  Opening a room door with the candle burning gently inside is captivating from the moment you sense it.  

A wonderful, soothing and sun-soaked combination of aromas that appeals to all and will attract interest and intrigue in equal bounty.


Delivered in our gold embossed highlight box in matt white.

Type: Luxury Scented Candle

Delivery: Free

Fill Weight: 200g

Burn Time: Approximately 40 Hours


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