Acadian Forest 200g Luxury Christmas Candle

Acadian Forest 200g Luxury Christmas Candle

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Fragrance highlights:

Pine, pink pepper, patchouli, thyme and amber

The vast expanse of Acadian Pine forests.  Invoking a sense of nature and delivering a fabulously sharp aroma of wood accompanied by a subtle spice fragrance.

Canada and New England both have regions in which Acadian Pine covers land in a way fit to grace the pages of mythical stories.  

Imagine a scene of a walk through forests of pine.  With each step you sense something new, a suggestion of thyme floats past before the whisper of pink pepper catches your attention.

Our Acadian Forest candle is a blend of strength in wood and deliciously soft but spicy aromas.  The crisp feel of an outside adventure and a twist of amber and patchouli to add the finishing touch to this candle.

It provides a decadent touch of beauty and classic ambiance of a memorable woodland walk and nature at it's finest.


Delivered in our gold embossed highlight box in matt white.

Type: Luxury Scented Candle

Delivery: Free

Fill Weight: 200g

Burn Time: Approximately 40 Hours


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