NEW - The Candle with Artificial Intelligence

Only & Eve, in conjunction with the world renown Norwegian AI designer, Olof Paril, is proud to announce the world's first artificial intelligence-equipped candle.

The April Eternity candle, named because it also lasts forever, features state-of-the-art technology that senses the scent a person is thinking of and immediately recreates it in the fragrance it emits.


Think of chocolate and the "aiCandle" will create a chocolate scent within 10 seconds and self-light.  It will even detect if the chocolate being thought of is dark, milk or white chocolate - and whether it should contain a hint of fruit and nuts.

If the thought of a new car interior springs to mind, the aiCandle will detect if you were thinking of a cloth or leather interior, whether it was low priced leather or high-end supercar leather and even the brand of vehicle you had in mind - it will then recreate the glorious ambience in your home.

Should you be thinking of freshly baked cookies with cherries, even of the burnt variety that your mother-in-law made especially for your birthday, it will bring that special scent to the fore within seconds.


Changing your mind doesn't present an issue to the aiCandle.  Given 30 seconds to recalibrate, it will generate scent after scent.  The only limitation of this world-changing candle is the power of the human mind.

Only & Eve worked with Olof Paril because of his unquestionable knowledge of AI, sense of humour and ability to generate content for social media in double-quick time on a lazy Saturday afternoon.

Tiny microprocessors, in the base of the candle glass, intercept the brainwaves of the registered user (and up to 2 adults can be registered per candle, though anyone under the age of 16 cannot use the candle for safety purposes).  They connect wirelessly (using an integrated 4G chip) to a bank of limitless scents held in the small Norwegian town of Loopilarf.  The scent recipe is transmitted to the aiCandle where a revolutionary new wax (known in Norwegian as "PrilaOlfo") begins the super-fast process of reforming itself to generate the fragrance required.

Once the wax reformation is complete, a self-igniting wick (made entirely of imaginary materials mined from the surface of Saturn by the recently crashed NASA Cassini space-craft), is triggered and the scent is released.  To prevent any danger of the aiCandle igniting when a registered user is not present, it will only process brainwaves from within a radius of 10 feet (or 3.048 metres if you're in Brussels).


Asked about the choice of the name of "April Eternity", Only & Eve and Olof Paril confirmed that this was because the aiCandle will never expire.  The wax and wick are self-regenerating.  This feature was added after it was realised that the science of regenerating cells was gathering pace and would be far too neat a trick to leave out.

It is sheer coincidence that "Eternity" may also represent the length of time that a prospective buyer may be embarrassed for, should they inquire as to when they'll be able to purchase the aiCandle.

Only & Eve recommend that registered users avoid using the aiCandle the morning after a hot curry and do not place it in a WC or bathroom where a toilet is present.  Tests of the aiCandle have shown that users may occasionally think of scents they would rather not have the candle replicate.

Further information in respect of the pricing and release date of the aiCandle will be announced when April Fools Day has passed.


Notes for press:

  1. Patents pending internationally (and anticipated to remain pending for a considerable time).
  2. Only & Eve cannot be held responsible for any unpleasant odour or distress caused in a household or other property after use of the aiCandle.
  3. This announcement may contain humour, sarcasm and other poor attempts at wit.



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