Easter Egg Decoration Ideas

Decorating hard-boiled eggs for Easter has been a long-held tradition in a number of nations.  However, after a while, don't they all begin to look the same?

With this in mind, we felt you might like some truly wonderful design ideas.  There's something for children and adults alike, some requiring little patience or skill, others in need of the more creative and steady hand (and lots of patience!).

We'll begin with something reasonably simple, using nothing more than watery paint to soften colours and achieve a pastel effect...

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Next, something a lot more challenging but with little precision required.  These eggs have been painted with a range of colours and one addition - silver effect paint to give them a mottled chrome look.  Very clever!

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Perhaps you'd like something a little more colourful?  Despite what may look complicated, this bright multi-colour effect isn't too difficult to achieve.  The use of bright paints that have a gradient effect, shifting gently from one shade to another, is achieved with short bursts of spray paint whilst having sections of the eggs taped over to prevent overspray but you could just as easily paint them!

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If you're someone with a steadier hand, you could try painting basic flower petal shapes as shown below.  This selection of eggs has been painted in blues, whites and greens to keep a lovely co-ordinated effect (and they look even better in a painted egg tray).

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For those of you with an even more artistic hand, here's a design to steal the show in the face of even the stiffest of competition!

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A more colourful version of the above white stencilled designs can be seen below, with a truly rainbow-like array of colour to brighten any Easter...

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If you're decorating eggs with the youngest of children, where paint could create more problems than entertainment, these eggs are covered with nothing more than coloured stickers!

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A variation on the earlier flower theme is this more intricate and fuller flower design, assured of attracting the attention of even the most ardent of egg-disliking people!

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If you're the type of parent that wants something of a more monotone design, these grey and white themed eggs look utterly divine and extremely AbFab! 

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Eggs don't always have to be painted, as the stickered eggs earlier have shown.  The eggs below have been adorned with lace taken from table decorations...

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These eggs, in a more traditional Easter chick yellow, show how eggs of the same colour can be made to look unique.  The use of green, the dash of pink and the astonishingly talented hand of the painter, have created small works of art...

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To achieve the more detailed of designs you'll need a very fine paintbrush as shown in this partially complete decoration...

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The less able of creative types can still obtain a fabulous looking basket of eggs.  These show how even solid colours can work superbly if you ensure the paint is applied in reasonable quantity to avoid a washed out effect or something too thick.

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Children will love and laugh at these simply magical and comically themed eggs.  The faces are the simplest of creations if you follow the lines and keep them to a basic shape.  In many cases, simple is fantastic!

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The application of creative beads, found in packs at most craft shops, is a very easy way to give an egg that looks like it was the result of hours of hard work!

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Finally, if you want a show-stopper for adults and children-alike, these Concrete Chicks are a lot easier to make than you might first imagine.  They're the result of grey painted eggs with nothing but plastic eyes and felt stuck to them.  The end product is enough to make any Easter!

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Hopefully, this collection of ideas has given you some ideas for how to brighten up the plain hard-boiled egg and inspire the minds of children too!

Let us know in the comments below if you have any special family secret techniques that you deploy to create Easter masterpieces!



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