Bathroom Design Inspiration

Scented candles and bathrooms are a popular combination in the UK and we're often told, by customers, of their favourite candle fragrance when enjoying a bath.

There's something about the relaxing environment that a bathroom can offer, creating a truly unique room in a home that can lift with spirits, calm the soul and refresh your mind.  Add a luxury scented candle into the mix and you can create an ambience that makes a bathroom the perfect haven.

With this in mind, we were looking at the different designs and ideas that people consider to be the ideal bathroom.  We've included a number of them in photograph form in this blog, with some of our own thoughts.


Contrasting textures

Bathroom design inspiration

Our first image shows a bathroom crafted from a combination of greys and white with equally contrasting textures.  From the 3D brickwork effect on the sink wall to the silky smooth back panel near the bath, this design is one of cool and modern lines.  The exposed chrome pipework under the sink and the unique light above the mirror give it an air of chic attention to detail.  We love it.  

This is a bathroom we'd enjoy with a Naples Grove candle burning, giving a burst of freshness that fits the zest and bright feel of the surroundings.


The bathroom bringing the outdoors indoors

Bathroom inspiration

Wow.  That was our initial reaction to this fabulous design.  The rough textured back wall and the feature plant in the corner gives the impression of bringing the outside inside.  Add the large pebbles that surround the gorgeously shaped bath and complete the look with smooth and neutral coloured tiles to give the more traditional interior finish, and you have a bathroom to impress.

The plant in the corner made us think of our Acadian Forest scented candle as the perfect balance but we'd be just at home with the Mediterranean fragrance of our Atreano & Amber candle.


Bathroom blend of traditional and modern styles

Bathroom style and design ideas

The fireplace surround, the gold sofa and the deep marble effect sides of the bath give this design a traditional feel at first sight.  However, you can't help but notice the attention that has been paid to introducing the modern lines of the raised platform the bath stands on, the back panel behind the curtain (and the effect of the curtain itself on a halo rail above the bath) and, for the very observant, the white single panel radiator on the right-side wall.

As a combination of styles, we think it works and has a lavish side to it.  Because of that, we're of the view that our Verzenay scented candle would be the perfect company to bathe with.  The fragrance of champagne and strawberries with a hint of vanilla and jasmine, perhaps whilst sipping on a glass of champagne as you take the scent in, makes us want to hop in right now.


Horizontal lines and a splash of colour

Bathroom design inspiration

For a complete contrast to our previous bathroom, here's a design of horizontal lines and largely neutral cream or brown colours - set off with a window wall and variety of colours.  Greens on the blind to the reds, orange, greys and blacks on the cushions make for an interesting and eye-catching focal point.

The tiles on the bath give the impression of greater length and run in parallel to the lines of grain on the adjacent sink unit.  The window seat area also gives the ability to swap the colours of the cushions and give a different colour scheme to suit your mood as the seasons pass.

We've decided this is a Verbena Spa scented candle bathroom.  The relaxing scent it emits, the spa feel and energy it conveys, the complete air of being in a haven to lie back and replenish the soul - this bathroom is designed to partner it.


The mirror wall bathroom

Bathroom inspiration

Little else gives the feeling of space, size and light than a fully mirrored wall.  This bathroom benefits from it whilst cleverly breaking the mirror lines in panels where the edges complement the lines of the drawers and storage areas.

White and silver, with floor level black and white tiling strip, are the dominant forces and offset by the imagery on the wall.  A closer look reveals that these aren't pictures - they're imprints on the tiles that allow the lines of the tiles to flow through them.

We feel it's another bathroom design suited to our Verbena Spa scented candle but the bright scent of Naples Grove would be just as engaging.


Bathroom of blacks and bling

Bathroom inspiration and scented candles

Now for something completely different!  If you want impact, you'll struggle to find something as aesthetically powerful as this combination of black marble and white.

The LED spotlights bring the white of the marble wall tiles out and emphasise the contrasting white grout used on the floor tiles.  The chrome fittings have the backdrop of a mirror to give added shine and open up what might otherwise be too dark a place.  The blue/green accessories on the sink units give a splash of colour that is small but effective.  

We like the bravery and bling of this design.  As for the perfect scented candles to enjoy in it, we're torn between the depth of Atreano & Amber or the champagne and strawberries of Verzenay.  


Natural stone, wood and warmth bathroom

Bathroom inspiration and luxury scented candles

How do we introduce this bathroom?  Wow is a good word!  We adore the natural stone walls and the sealed tile floor that gives the effect of natural wood.  Even the shelf on the left is crafted from a simple wood structure.

The right-side of the bathroom is where the art of design is shown in our opinion.  A contrast of porcelain, modern fittings and flush sleek tiling to bring latter-day style to a fabulously warm bathroom.  Look carefully and you'll note the wood surround on the mirrors that tie the wall back in to the natural feel of the floor.  

We adore this bathroom and immediately thought of our Acadian Forest scented candle as the ideal fragrance.


Neutral, marble and gold highlights bathroom

Bathroom inspiration and scented candles

Heavy marble featured bath, gold/brass fittings and neutral creams give us a much more traditional bathroom in this photograph.  The relatively traditional drawer and sink unit, the marble effect tiles and the complementing colour of the unit surface present us with a room that could be from almost any era.

The wrap-around mirrors on two walls give the space and light that a room with a large corner bath requires. 

Our immediate thought for a scented candle was our East Cay Escape fragrance of tropical fruits.  However, the time-free nature of the design means it could be any of our 6 signature scents to end the day with.


The brown feature walls and a myriad of shapes bathroom

Bathroom inspiration and luxury scented candles

There aren't too many bathrooms that could pull-off deep brown walls and an array of shapes like this one does. 

The bath surround is rectangular but the top is oval, the floor tiles are rectangles both, if you look closely, some are cut to be square.  The feature wall panel contains diamonds, horizontal adjoining lines and squares.  The wall adjacent to the two doors is hexagonal as a corner feature and the lights above the sink area are circular!  Yet, somehow, the designer has produced a truly wonderful looking bathroom that addresses the challenges of a very difficult to work with room.

Our choice of fragrance would be a Verbena Spa or Atreano & Amber scented candle.  One creates an ambience of replenishing the soul whilst the other lets you think of your sumptuous surroundings with a scent to match.


The small space bathroom with big appeal

Bathroom inspiration and luxury scented candles

The angle of this photograph and distortion in the lid/seat of the facing toilet tells ou this is a small space - but what an outstanding job the designer has done in making it bright, appealing, warm and welcoming.

We love the contrast of the green/grey tiles on the bath wall with the mirror, in opposition to the medium cream window wall and dark wood sink unit.  Glass shelving and the spotlights are perfectly positioned and the chrome finishes make it a modern-feeling room to relax in.

East Cay Escape definitely fits as a choice of scent, as does Naples Grove for the simple zest and lifting sense of fruits they give.  


Grey and white ultra-clean bathroom 

Bathroom ideas, design and scented candles

We couldn't think of a better design to finish with than this example of the ultimate in greys, whites and clean lines for the epitome of present-day style.

The brightness of the bathroom is helped by what appears to be a Velux roof window allowing the sunlight to stream in and highlight the bath.  The chrome finish on the taps and other fittings, along with the seamless shower cubicle, keep the lines and colour scheme free of anything to distract - other than the sheer magnificence of its simplicity.

When it comes to lighting a candle, you could relax to the scent of any of our range in this room.  Verzenay would be perfect to complement the bright feel, Naples Grove would bring its freshness to match the cleanliness of the colours and Verbena Spa would be the ultimate companion fragrance if you're looking to replicate a spa treatment room of similar contrasts.


We hope this collection of bathroom designs has inspired you.  If you're about to embark on a bathroom project or if the designs above have made you decide it is something to consider, they're a classic example of how different interpretations of such a functional room can lead to stunning creations.


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